> Brushcase Editing provides three main editorial services:
    - Copyediting, developmental/substantive editing, and proofreading
> Our editors work on these types of projects:
    - Articles (journals, magazines)
    - Books
    - Dissertations/Theses
    - Newsletters
    - Press Releases
    - School Term Papers
> Main editorial styles: APA, Chicago, AP

> Our Philosophy:


- You are the author and thus the expert on your topic. We know that you’ve devoted much time in writing and carrying out research. Our job is to edit your document with your personal voice in mind and with the goal of making your valuable ideas, thoughts, and research/writing efforts shine through in the final presentation of your work.
- Open communication is of the utmost importance in the author-editor relationship. During the editing process, correspondence will be frequent so that we understand your vision (purpose, meaning, etc.) and you can respond to any proposed changes.
- We respect your time and efforts. This means that you will receive personalized attention, your confidentiality is assured, and you can expect quick response and turnaround times.
> About Us:
Editing is our passion! Through the years, we have edited thousands of works for online content companies and publishers such as Lawrence Erlbaum and Sage Publications, just to name a few. We serve clients throughout the world from our office in the Midwestern United States. Our university degrees are in English, journalism, political science, and music. Believing that our broad knowledge base can further enhance the editorial process, we continually strive to expand our horizons so that we can always provide you with our highest quality of service. Please see the Editorial Service page to learn about the types of editing we can provide for your writing and pre-publishing needs.
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